Yeast infection treatment in women- Review article

Vaginal fungus in pregnancy

Due to the altered hormonal balance, pregnant women are particularly susceptible to fungal infections. But do not worry: A vaginal fungus is neither a risk for the expectant mother nor for the child. However, the infection should be treated before delivery. This is important to avoid infecting the baby during childbirth. With a simple smear, the gynecologist can determine if there is actually an infection.

Yeast infection treatment in women- Information

Prevent the vaginal fungus

Anything that promotes the vagina’s natural flora keeps the Candida infection in check. Too tight, synthetic clothing should be avoided, even panty liners are unfavorable; there is not enough air in the genital area. Wrong is excessive washing. In particular soaps and other hygiene products attack the balance of the vaginal flora.

Therefore, you should in the genital area, if possible, carefully, but only with water to wash. It is important not to wipe the toilet in the direction of the vagina on the toilet, so that no germs get out of the anal area here.

Since lactic acid bacteria are essential for the balance, lactic acid bacteria from the pharmacy can preventively stabilize the vaginal flora when the disease occurs frequently. In this context, patients with diabetes mellitus should keep an eye on their blood sugar levels, because the blood sugar level in the blood feeds on the yeasts.

Women who take the pill and more often suffer from Candida infections, should eventually change the drug and thus change their estrogen levels.

Yeast infection treatment in women- Tips and advices

Treatment and home remedies

Most anti-vaginal yeast medicines are non-prescription and available in pharmacies or drugstores. The so-called antimycotics are available as creams, ointments or suppositories. They are applied locally and are suitable for rapid and effective Candida treatment. Many supplements combine a cream for the external genitals with suppositories for the inside of the vagina.

Depending on the dosage of the preparations and stage of the disease, the treatment usually takes about a week. Anyone who has more vaginal yeast and knows the itchy feeling, should act as soon as possible: If you go in time, the spread of mushrooms can stop quickly. Also important is the choice of the preparation: Sometimes the success of the same active ingredient may differ from another carrier – here the pharmacist advises.

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