What works for yeast infections- Review article

Black walnut

A tincture of black walnuts (with green peel), which is made by an alcohol extract, is a natural remedy that can fight parasites such as worms, but also fungi such as Candida very effectively.

The black walnut contains many valuable ingredients. Since most of these ingredients are in the green shell to the actual nut, the shell should be used in the preparation of the tincture necessarily. A few drops of walnut tincture in water can help the body to get rid of Candida.

The black walnut shell can also be taken in capsule form.

What works for yeast infections- Information

Tea tree oil

According to several studies, the essential oil of tea tree is already fungicidal in low concentrations. In two studies from 2001 and 2002, a 0.5% tea tree oil solution killed (in vitro) yeasts, while dermatophytes (filamentous fungi) could be eliminated with 1% solution. Since the tea tree oil is also lipophilic in nature, it can penetrate the skin very well and is therefore ideal for external use in skin fungus infections.

However, in human use higher concentrations are recommended, e.g. B. an at least 10-percent tea tree cream for athlete’s foot and an up to 100-percent solution for nail fungus infection. The latter was as effective in one study as the usual antifungal medications (clotrimazole). The tea tree oil must be applied at least twice a day.

Mouth rinses with a 5% tea tree oil solution can be used in case of Candida infection in the mouth, which has already proved helpful in AIDS patients with oral fungus. Take one tablespoon (15 ml) of this solution four times a day, rinse your mouth and then spit the solution out again.

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Tabebuia, also called Lapacho, is a South American tree or tree family whose inner bark has been used for many centuries for the preparation of a healing tea.

Lapacho tea is considered a natural and high-profile agent especially against Candida infections. Even a cup of Tabebuia tea daily can easily fight Candida.

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