What causes yeast infections in women?- Review article

Additional help for Candida infections

Of course, you do not use all of the above remedies at the same time, but choose a combination of two or three remedies. In vaginal fungus, which increasingly affects women today, you should pay special attention to a special intimate hygiene.

The regular change of linen and their hot washing are of course mandatory. Often only temperatures above 60 ° C can affect bacteria or fungi. In the intimate area, care products should not be used during Candida infection – neither conventional nor basic. Here is pure water or washing with a Wascherde (lava earth) and the subsequent application of the fungus-hostile coconut oil is the best option.

What causes yeast infections in women?- Information

In case of Candida skin infections, basic body care can often be helpful.

Alkaline care products or care products that contain, for example, colloidal silver or other anti-fungal substances can have a very positive effect on the sites affected by a Candida infection.

Stress or psychologically stressful situations weaken the body and its immune system. Therefore, you should avoid stress situations – if possible – in every illness and also in case of a Candida infection and manage the stress in everyday life or counteract it with relaxation methods.

What causes yeast infections in women?- Tips and advices

Strengthen your immune system

An intact immune system is of course crucial to be able to put Candida in the barriers. A healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients, naturally strengthens our immune system. As already mentioned above, intestinal health is a crucial factor for a functioning defense. A healthy intestine with an intact intestinal flora is the basis for a healthy immune system. For example, if you cleanse your colon with a colon cleanser, then a Candida infection has no chance.

What causes yeast infections in women?- Detailed info and suggestions

If the Candida infection is in the colon, a colon cleansing makes it very well that the infection in a short time of the past belongs. Another important point is that you should avoid sugar and other isolated carbohydrates (white flour, starch, white rice) in a Candida infection, because Candida loves sugar and often thrives the better, the more sugar enters the body. In addition to these basic steps, one can use various medicinal herbs or natural remedies as accompanying measures to bring the fungal infection under control as soon as possible.

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