Systems of yeast infection- Review article

Candida undermines the immune system

Almost everyone who is dealing with a serious condition is also affected by Candida. Either it is the disease that weakens the organism so that Candida can gain the upper hand. Or the fungus is partly responsible for the disease. A fungal infection weakens the organism and the immune system so sustainably that even serious health problems can threaten.

Although not even a dozen of the more than two hundred Candida types affect humans, these few species have it all. Scientists found that Candida albicans can outsmart the immune system by altering its shape. So it can occur simultaneously in the same organism in different forms.

This prevents an adequate immune reaction and can spread further undisturbed.

Systems of yeast infection- Information

You can do a first candida test in the morning on an empty stomach. If you suspect an excessive Candida exposure, then you can ask your doctor to conduct a corresponding examination. But there are also Candida tests that you can order online and perform in peace at home.

You can choose from two different tests, which not only search for Candida, but either have overall gut health in mind (health check intestinal stool test) or check the condition of the intestinal flora (flora status – stool test).

Systems of yeast infection- Tips and advices

The Health Check Darm – Tests all parameters related to intestinal health, eg. B. flora status, fungal strain, condition of the intestinal mucosa, inflammation levels, digestive residues, digestive quality, pH etc.

With the Florastatus – Stool test only the composition of the intestinal flora including a possible fungal load is checked. Both tests include everything you need to take samples, including detailed instructions. You then send the stool sample to the specified laboratory and within a few days receive the result by mail or can retrieve it online.

Fight Candida infection

To combat a fungal infection, a change in diet alone is usually not enough. In a Candida infection should be holistic approach and practice both a surplus base diet, and restore the intestinal and vaginal flora by building with healthy probiotics.

At the same time, both contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, which plays a crucial role in combating Candida. For bowel care you can regularly -. B. once a year – perform a colon cleansing, which helps prevent Candida infections.

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