Skin yeast infection treatment- Review article

Natural remedies for Candida infections

Most of the following natural remedies that can help fight Candida infections should not be used too much.

Too rapid a killing of Candida causes that at one go too many toxic substances are released from the inside of the mushrooms. This can lead to reactions such as dizziness, headache and chills. If these signs occur, you should reduce the dosage.

Skin yeast infection treatment- Information

Bicarbonate of soda

Soda is an old home remedy that has a strong alkaline effect. The oncologist dr. Tullio Simoncini is convinced that soda has a fungicidal property, as it helps regulate the acid-base balance and oxygenates the body.

Although Echinacea is praised for preventing colds, this natural medicine is also good at fighting Candida. Echinacea in particular stimulates the immune system, so that it can now better combat the fungal disease.


Pomegranates (Punica granatum) have proven to be extremely effective in the fight against Candida infections. Studies have shown that especially the ingredient called punicalagin can successfully fight Candida. Punicalagin seems to break the protective barrier of the fungus and kill it.

Skin yeast infection treatment- Tips

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is also often successful in controlling fungi or bacteria. However, the dose of grapefruit seed extract should be taken very low and slowly increased so that the body is not overburdened by the released toxins of the destroyed fungi or bacteria.


Garlic is an excellent remedy against bacteria and fungi. Candida can not survive in any environment where garlic is present, so eating garlic regularly is very helpful. However, the garlic should be consumed as fresh and raw as possible, because when cooking many valuable ingredients are lost, so that you can actually perform the anti-Candida cure with garlic only on vacation.

Coconut oil

The medium-chain fatty acids (caprylic and lauric acids) in coconut oil not only have an antibacterial effect, they also have an antifungal effect, meaning that they also fight fungi. In order to bring the candida fighting effect of the coconut oil to full development, one should take three tablespoons of the oil daily (3 times daily 1 tablespoon).

If you also implement additional candida-fighting measures and z. B. give the oregano oil to coconut oil, then reduces the daily intake of coconut oil.

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