How to cure a yeast infection fast- Review

Some people get Candida infection as a result of antibiotic treatment because these agents kill naturally occurring bacteria in the body that normally control Candida growth. Corticosteroids or a therapy to suppress the immune system after organ transplantation can also weaken the body’s own defense mechanisms against candidosis. Corticosteroid inhalers, often used by asthmatics, can cause candidosis in the mouth. Pregnant women, people being treated with cancer drugs, obese and diabetics are also more prone to Candida infection.

In some people (usually people with a weakened immune system), the candida fungus can colonize deeper tissue layers as well as the blood, causing life-threatening systemic candidiasis.

How to cure a yeast infection fast- Information

Symptoms of candidosis

The symptoms of candidosis vary depending on the location of the infection.

Infections in the skin folds (intertriginous infections) or in the umbilical region cause a red, often blotchy rash, which sometimes accompanies degradation of the skin. Small pustules can develop, especially on the edge of the rash; The rash can itch or burn violently. A candida rash on the anus may be rough, white, or red, causing itching. Infants may develop a Candida diaper rash.

Candida infections of the vagina (vulvovaginitis, yeast infection – overview of vaginal infections) are common, especially in pregnant women, diabetics and women taking antibiotics. Symptoms include white or yellowish cheese-like vaginal discharge, as well as burning, itching and redness of the vaginal wall and vulva.

How to cure a yeast infection fast- Tips and advices

Candida infections of the penis primarily affect diabetics, uncircumcised men and men whose sexual partners have this vaginal fungus. Occasionally, this rash causes no symptoms, but most often it causes a red, rough, itchy and sometimes painful rash on the glans.

Thrush is a candidiasis inside the mouth. Soor’s typical creamy white patches adhere to the tongue and oral mucosa and can be painful. The stains can easily be scraped off with a finger or a blunt object and may then bleed. Thrush in otherwise healthy children is not uncommon, but in adults it can be a sign of a weakened immune system, possibly as a result of cancer, diabetes, or HIV infection. Antibiotic treatment, which kills competing bacteria, increases susceptibility to thrush.

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