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Oral thrush in yeast infections

Thrush is the name given to candidosis of the mouth and throat. It usually affects people who are weak in the defense. The use of cortisone-containing asthma sprays may favor the infection.

The affected areas are reddened and covered by a whitish coating, the wound base bleeding easily when attempting to wipe it off. When it expands into the pharynx it also comes to swallowing. The candidosis can also affect the esophagus and pass to the gastrointestinal tract.

Home remedies for yeast infection in women- Information

Systemic infection

Systemic infections with Candida mainly affect people with impaired immune systems. Thus, they often occur in intensive care units or in persons suffering from cancer, AIDS or other diseases affecting the immune system. Blood poisoning with candida (sepsis) or a pronounced infestation of the internal organs can be life-threatening.

Candida yeasts can infect and damage all organs. Particularly affected are the lungs (Candida pneumonia), as well as the kidneys, liver, spleen, the eye (endophthalmitis) and the inner wall of the heart (endocarditis), brain and nerves. The symptoms depend on the affected organs.

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The suspicion of a Candida infection results quickly from the typical symptoms. To detect the yeasts, for example, the doctor can take a swab of the affected skin or mucous membrane with a cotton swab. Alternatively, a piece of infected skin, nail or mucosa is suitable for examination. An initial indication of the presence of a fungal infection may, within a few minutes, be the direct examination of the material with the aid of a microscope.

The fungal culture using certain culture media or molecular methods then allow the unambiguous identification of the pathogen. This is particularly important when multiple relapses of yeast disease have occurred despite the use of medication, as some Candida species may be resistant to the antifungal agent used.

Home remedies for yeast infection in women- Detailed info

However, the sole detection of a yeast in the laboratory does not allow the diagnosis of a fungal disease, but it must also be appropriate symptoms present. Since there is often an immune deficiency behind a Candida infection, it is important to clarify which risk factors are present for a Candida infection in the affected person.

If these do not adequately explain the infection, it should be searched for possible causes of immune deficiency. Thus, a Candida infection may be the first indication of diabetes mellitus (“diabetes”) or immunodeficiency diseases. If there is a suspicion of systemic candidosis, depending on the symptoms, blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and / or urine should be examined for the pathogen.

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