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Specific risk factors for Candida skin infections

Candidoses of the skin often affect people who belong to certain occupational groups. As the fungus proliferates particularly well on moist skin, for example, cleaning personnel are particularly often affected by candidiasis, as are pastry chefs, butchers and workers at refrigerated counters (“glove carriers”).

In infants, Candida yeasts may be involved in the development of diaper dermatitis. Because under a moist and warm diaper mushrooms is an ideal growth climate. Another risk factor for candida skin infections is obesity. In thick people, moisture can accumulate in skin folds, favoring a fungal infection (intertriginous candidiasis).

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Candidosis of the skin

The yeasts like to attack sites where skin folds are superimposed (intertriginous candida). Here, the skin is moist and warm and provides Candida yeast optimal growth conditions. Typical body sites for intertriginous candidiasis are therefore located under the breasts, in the armpits, on the anal area as well as between skin folds in the inguinal region and the lower abdomen.

The finger or toe gaps may also be affected. In addition to the skin, the nails and nail wall can be affected by a Candida infection. The inflamed areas are red, swollen and hurt when touched.

Typical is a scaling of the affected skin. Often, a red rim sometimes with pustules. The affected areas may itch or burn, even hurt.

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Diaper rash

Candida infections often occur in infants and toddlers. For example, in case of diaper dermatitis, the inflamed skin in the diaper area may be colonized with Candida (Windelsoor).

Genital Candida infestation

Candida yeasts can also infect the external genitalia. The Candida infections are not regularly transmitted by sexual intercourse, but they are in a broader sense to the sexually transmitted diseases. In women, among other things, they are favored by high levels of estrogen (for example during pregnancy).

Candidosis of the vagina (vaginal mycosis) causes itching, burning and redness. The mucous membrane is swollen and partially covered with a whitish coating. It can come to a crumbly white discharge.

Men can become infected with candida on the glans (balanitis, balanoposthitis). The glans and / or foreskin are inflamed; they itch, burn and can develop vesicles and pustules.

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